How To Catch a Swarm of Bees

Catching swarm of bees

Capturing a swarm of bees is relatively easy – as long as they are not hanging too high in a tree.

Work safety

Beekeeper catching swarm of bees

A swarm of bees is very peaceful and would never attack humans. Therefore, you do not actually need protective clothing to capture a swarm of bees. However, the swarm often sits in such a way that you are standing below the swarm cluster – possibly on a ladder. For safety reasons, you should wear protective clothing (long sleeves, veil, gloves). When shaking off the swarm, bees can fall next to it, get caught in the hair, tumble into the collar, and so on. In such situations, even the most peaceful bees will sting.


In addition to protective clothing, you will need a water sprayer, a bee broom, a swarm box (or a cardboard box, bucket or similar container) and a ladder if necessary.

swarm of bees

Capture the swarm

If the swarm of bees cannot be reached from the ground, use a sturdy ladder to help. Spray the swarm cluster with water from all sides using an atomizer. This will cause the bees to gather closer together and not fly up as quickly.