How to Weigh Beehives in the Fall 

The load sensors go just below the hive.


Monitoring the weight of your hives is the best way to know the status of your apiary at all times. HiveWatch is a smart hive scale system that lets you know how much all your hives weigh at a fraction of the cost of traditional digital scales.
HiveWatch provides real-time hive status information and includes an intelligent algorithm that allows for quick and significantly simpler analysis.

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Practical, robust and reliable
SMART SCALE is powered by three AA batteries that last a full year. It includes a SIM phone card and can be connected anywhere in the world to any cell phone network. It sends alerts via phone calls or SMS messages at no additional cost.

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Alarms. Always alert
SMART SCALE sends you an alert if a swarm is leaving a hive. Or if your apiary is robbed. It also detects that food is scarce in the field and alerts you. You can choose how to receive its messages: by phone, by SMS or by email.

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The protective case prevents damage to the equipment.

Analysis. Compares and detects.
SMART SCALE generates historical data that allows you to compare the evolution of hives over time at a glance. This comparison facilitates the recognition of behavioral patterns, so that problems can be quickly addressed.

beehive scale made in swiss

Made in Switzerland. Swiss precision and quality.
SMART SCALE is a product made in Switzerland, with the accuracy and quality typical of the Swiss industry, specialized in high precision elements.